Hello, I am thee Joshua Hester-Johnson. Yes, thee! I am from North Carolina. I am a soldier. I am a husband to a beautiful man. Yes, I said beautiful. I am a father to two fur babies. I am and always have been a wild child. I am a dancer. I am a twerkaholic. I am the epitome of “clatchet”. I am that person that says what I want, how I want, when I want, & where I want. Yet I know there is a time and place for everything. I am that friend. I am that brother. I am all that and a bag a chips. I am the shade thrower. I am the reader. I am the one that will comment on any topic. I am the one that will give you the straight & cut to the point answer. I am the lover & the fighter. I am the one that stands up for what is right. I am humble. I am fun to be around. Yes, I am gay. This is me. All shades of Jay.