What’s the tea?

Q: What is hot tea? And is it just for the gay community or can the other communities use it as well?

A: Growing up, the gay community has always had their own lingo, their own style, they’re own everything! And in this new age, we have our own terms such as shade, tea, “yassss”, and the list goes on. Being that I hand around so many heterosexual males, they really don’t understand the lingo at times. So when it comes to “what’s the tea”, here it goes. What’s the tea is some juicy gossip or a general discussion that you gotta get off your lips. Some hot tea is something that’s burning so bad that you gotta tell someone. Hot tea could be any of the following… (And yes, these are real life situations) What’s the tea you ask? The tea is how y’all bishess swear y’all can do makeup but y’all eye brows uneven. The tea is when I know you man got a man on the side. The tea is when a bishh coming for me and my marriage but got a divorce one day and married the very next day. (Catch that shade) Some real tea is my husbands makeup because that face stay beat!!! (The picture explains it) Some hot juicy tea is how these pastors claiming holiness on Sunday morning but hoeing out with men Saturday nights. Some tea is how these heterosexual men always talking trash about transgender but I know many personally that have laid in bed with one. Hmmmm isn’t that funny? I hope you’ve gotten the concept of “Tea”.


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