Three Heartbeats

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It was February 1, 2017-The first day of black history month. Everyone was going on about their day and then the “it” happened. I’m not gonna bother to tell yall that Beyoncé gave me my entire life. Well make that 3 lives. She announced to the world that she was pregnant and carrying twins. The heavens were rejoicing. The lord blessed us with this news on the first day of Black History Month. Won’t he do it? She did this for us! Those pictures were for us! If you didn’t catch it, it wasn’t meant for you. Now, the internet took this by storm. And just as the queen does, she stops the world.  I immediately called my mom (which was dry to the news-HATER) and told her the GREAT news. I yelled the news out in my office and proceeded to make a Facebook post about our two babies. I was wondering what their genders would be? How far along is she? Is she was going to name them red, blue, yellow, or white? So Jay-Z fish still swimming? Does her back hurt? Can she support two kids in her belly while juggling her lifestyle? But then I began to calm down and began to sing, ” Lawdddddd, if you bless BEY, please BEY in this season. But please don’t do it without me. Don’t do it without me!” And a feeling came that reassured me that she would be alright. She’s been carrying two human beings for a while. *sips tea* Fans went crazy just as I did. But you know, if you don’t have one hater in the midst, you cant be popping. I see the girls saying, “The beyhive excited like they’re going to the baby shower” or “Its not that important”. Well lets just say this. I’m excited because this is MUVA were talking about. Okay? This is not your baby that you had from that boy that’s doing time or that boy that thought it was just a “toot it and boot it”. Why is it all your poor broads have to hate on Beyoncé? Like come on. The only thing that confuses me is the ones that are complaining about the posts and the pictures everywhere are 1) the females that be doing the twerk contest on $2 Tuesdays 2)the females that hate on Beyoncé but made sure they bought the flawless tees or caps from Citi trends or rue21 or 3)the females that couldn’t take maternity photos because their baby daddy don’t want the kid or them to be quite frankly. And to the males out there, sit your behind down somewhere. Like I’ve never seen a grown man hate on a female. That’s some bitch shit if you ask me. I would hate a little too if my baby mama looked like yours though. It’s okay. They have counseling for that. Her photos were ugly to some people though. I thought they were gorgeous and it really showed ART. But the only art half of the haters know is how to draw on them still crooked and uneven eyebrows or beat that unblended face with those highly visible contour lines. But that’s another whole topic. Like it or not, Beyoncé is the queen & she deserves the credit for her work and she deserves every post and every congratulations. Dusty b*tches stay mad. Bey gives life-Actually lives! Yes, people get pregnant every day. But when you’re basic, nobody really cares. When you’re that b*tch, you cause all of this conversation. Now, get your everlasting life with these photos. Case closed!


2 thoughts on “Three Heartbeats

  1. Mama says:

    OMG, really Josh!!! Again I must say — IS YOUR NAME JAY-Z!!!! Congratulations Beyonce, I am happy for her. But Joshua Hester needs to get a life. Don’t you have something to do like send me my late birthday present.


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